Career management

369ENT have been launching, positioning, and elevating the athletes across the globe.

Success comes from the ultimate management approach, which sees the best young and pro talents

and then guiding them at all stages of their careers, from signing the first pro contract to life

after the play.

It’s all about making sure that the clients can concentrate on being the very best

they can be and maximize their potential thought the individual 369ENT program.

Branding and PR

369ent works closely with each athlete to create and support a desirable personal brand. Social media is a vital part of any athlete’s success.

Providing personal management, graphic design, video, and commercial content support, because young and pro talents are always more than just to be good at sports.

Financial and legal guidance

369ENT ensuring make Your own without boundaries. Legal expertise and experience guide our athletes, whether its estate planning, immigration, or financial planning.

Providing legal support in concluding agreements and contracts with teams, coaches, and brands in the world, including assistance in agreeing on conditions, terms, payment, and mutual obligations.

Post career planning 

With 369ent guidance and support athletes about to build up enjoyable careers after their playing days have ended.

All athletes will be supervised to plan the next step of their career as coach, television sport expert, public speaker and media worker or continued negotiated sponsorship opportunities.